Talk through the movie trailers in style with this Scene Missing shirt illustrated by Joe Karg and printed by Fallen Arrows!
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HOLY LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, BATMAN! Light up the Bat-Signal, Commissioner Gordon—Scene Missing is doing a whole night of performances about Batman movies! You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, but either way you’ll enjoy the best writing, comedy, and music the city of Atlanta has to offer, all centered around the films of our favorite Caped Crusader!Read More
Watch Brooke Hatfield’s essay on parental mortality, Bill Cosby’s “Ghost Dad,” and the Bankhead Bounce from last month’s “THERE IS NO ATLANTA, ONLY ZUUL” live show!Read More
Jason learns there’s no body mass measurement more accurate than a witch’s finger. Bobbin does an impression of Beavis.Read More
Scene Missing: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Highland Ballroom. Its one-hour mission: to explore strange new performances, to seek out new laughs and comedy observations, to boldly present the greatest writing, comedy, and music in Atlanta—all based on the Star Trek movies!Read More
Scene Missing host Jason Mallory is joined by Jack Walsh of Four Days at Dragon Con and Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity fame to look back on the sights and sounds of Dragon Con 2014!Read More
Watch Atlanta comedian Rob HaZe narrowly avoid being exterminated by a Dalek, cooked by a Voodoo priestess, and stabbed by the Penguin waving a sword cane at Dragon Con!!Read More
In this episode, Jason pitches Scene Missing copywriter Julian Modugno movie and music ideas. Topics include a Paul McCartney/Angela Lansbury concept album and a reboot of Look Who’s Talking. This episode is the height of impropriety!Read More
Scene Missing gets ready for DragonCon the only way we know how: by bringing DragonCon Media Relations Director Dan Carroll on the show and grilling him for an hour until he spills his DragonCon secrets!Read More
Open the window and let in that owl: have we got a message for you! After eleven long years living under its muggle aunt and uncle’s stairs, Scene Missing returns with a magical show exploring the Harry Potter movies guaranteed to leave you ROWLING in the aisles!Read More
Transmission Intercepted! After one whole month in cryogenic space hibernation, Scene Missing is back with a show exploring the most “out there” of genres: SCI-FI!Read More
This episode features live audio from our inaugural Scene Missing San Francisco show: “The Films of Jeff Goldblum!”Read More
A racist softball coach makes Bobbin feel like Scout Finch and Jason wonders whether or not we should wake Daddy.Read More
Bobbin and Shrek lend a hand to Bobbin’s ex-boyfriend. Jason gives a “Toast to the Lassies.”Read More
Hey V.E.R.N. (Virtually Everyone Reading this iNtro), cancel that trip to summer camp because Scene Missing did a show based on the films of America’s most esteemed film characters—ERNEST P. WORRELL!! Read More
In which Jason and Atlanta writer/raconteur Randy Osborne discuss the proper way to pronounce Chipolte.”Read More
It was all a blur even back then, so I couldn’t give you the literal blow-by-blow replay if I wanted. To say that most of the blows landed on me sums it up pretty well.”Read More
S trap on your power glove and tell your Kinect to clear your calendar—the Scene Missing video game show is here!”Read More
In which Jason and Atlanta writer Brooke Hatfield discuss famous Atlanta Southern hip hop, R&B and bass record label So So Def Recordings.”Read More
Live audio from Scene Missing Magazine’s “Bad Love” themed show on February 26th at the Highland Ballroom.”Read More
L scan the wall. It’s lined with light bulbs between the rows of magazines, like on a marquee. My eyes land on one of the glossy covers. A woman faces out. She has sandy hair to her shoulders. Her green eyes flash. Her teeth gleam in a broad smile, perfect. She looks like Olivia Newton John.”Read More