Lust, Caution: The Way We Were

Scene Missing Episode 23 — Dayne Swerdling, Julian Modugno, Rita Nicole Leslie, Amy McDaniel, Jack Walsh, Eli Banks, and Jerad W. Alexander

VG show

Strap on your power glove and tell your Kinect to clear your calendar—the Scene Missing video game show is here!

Fatality Moves For Beginners: Mortal Kombat At The YMCA


It was all a blur even back then, so I couldn’t give you the literal blow-by-blow replay if I wanted. To say that most of the blows landed on me sums it up pretty well.

Cue The End Of Childhood: On So So Def Records, Alternate Dimensions, And Onion Booty


In which Jason and Atlanta writer Brooke Hatfield discuss famous Atlanta Southern hip hop, R&B and bass record label So So Def Recordings. JASON Hey, Brooke—and welcome to the first […]

Nick & Myke’s #2 – Stuck To Our Guns, Shooting The Moon


It was nighttime, in the Summer, and I found myself on the outskirts of Valdosta, Georgia.

Scene Missing Episode 22 — Brian Emond, Caroline Ervin, Paige Bowman, Johnny Drago, Daniel Lamb, Cristen Conger, and Andrew George

Photo Feb 26, 9 08 38 PM

In this episode, Jason is joined by Myke Johns and Nick Tecosky of WRITE CLUB Atlanta to showcase audio from the Scene Missing live show on February 26th, the theme of which was “Bad Love: Writing And Comedy Based On Movies Where Love Went Horribly Wrong.”

Nick & Myke’s #2 – A Perfect Storm Of Hot Pink Dust


Myke Johns and Nick Tecosky are the producers of WRITE CLUB Atlanta. In an ill-conceived bid to remain hip and relevant and also to vent their anger and bile at people […]

Lust, Caution: The Way We Were


I scan the wall. It’s lined with light bulbs between the rows of magazines, like on a marquee. My eyes land on one of the glossy covers. A woman faces out. She has sandy hair to her shoulders. Her green eyes flash. Her teeth gleam in a broad smile, perfect. She looks like Olivia Newton John.

Fear Boners And Hyborian B-Movie Hell: Sexual And Gubernatorial Awakenings In The Trailer For “Red Sonja”


In which Lauren Traetto of Vouched Books and FANZINE and Casey Childers of WRITE CLUB San Francisco review the trailer for Red Sonja.

Nick & Myke’s #2: Happiness Is The Truth And The Truth Is Happiness


I say unto you, Happiness is the Truth and the Truth is Happiness.

Nick & Myke’s #2: I Will Absolutely Stick My Hand Down The Front Of My Pants


The last song I remember to go on at such length about a surfboard was on Weezer’s first album, and there’s some other stuff in there that is weird, but I actually can’t pull the video up and watch it right now as I am at work and if I YouTube it, I absolutely will involuntarily stick my hand down the front of my pants.