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Cut the Shoulder Opposite

The jungle is full
The jungle is full
Of animals I was
You cut my shoulder
In 1978
You wrote my name
In my blood
On the flat side
Of your knife
I died as a lion
I died as a bird
I died as the monkey
That nearly found you
I will tip my hat
Of Feathers
I will tip my hat
Of Teeth
Twenty-eight years
I have found you
Dip my hat
In the water
Wash the flat side
Of your knife
Will you cut
The shoulder opposite
See if you can
Write my name

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Adam’s Rib

Adam’s rib
Was found
Under a chair
In a diner
By a couple of kids

They walk by a fence
Tap the rib
On every wooden board

A dog
Follows them around
Those children
They give that dog
Adam’s rib
To chew on

Adam comes walking up
Loosens his tie
He says,
“Don’t you children
Know that rib
Was the rib
That made eve?”

Adam takes the rib
In his hands
Looks at it
In the middle
Of the street
And starts
To whistle

The dog looks
Up at him
It’s tail wags
Against his leg

Adam places
His hand
Under his shirt
Feels the hole there
And forgets
How to whistle