Interview w/ Adrian Tomine • Comic Artist, “Optic Nerve”

SM: What would we know if we didn’t know trouble?

AT: I don’t know…boredom? These are hard questions. Can’t we talk about my “influences” or something? Or how about “how I got started”?

SM: What is the first thing you want to know on arriving in a strange city?

AT: Am I staying in a hotel, or am I sleeping on the floor of the comic shop owner’s filthy apartment?

SM: What is your first conscious impression on a silent windless grove of trees?

AT: I feel like I’m trapped in that “I Heart Huckabees” movie.

SM: My automobile’s driver’s side window is broken, and now cats and hobos come and go as they please. What phrase would you recommend I announce myself with to scatter them in the morning?

AT: Enh…just get the window fixed.

SM: In the middle of the interview, an anecdote is requested.

AT: I just walked out the front door of my girlfriend’s apartment building, and I almost literally ran into Jennifer Connelly.

SM: What’s the closest thing you know of to casting a spell?

AT: Writing vindictive, thinly-veiled “fiction.”

SM: What is one thing you are sure of?

AT: Dr. Ph. Martin’s “Tech” ink is by far the best.

SM: If the animals could speak, to what creature would you listen most?

AT: Stuffed animals.

SM: If you were the devil with an invitation to a party in heaven, what would you wear and how would you act?

AT: Are these Tori Amos lyrics?

SM: Please make a prediction for yourself as to what you’ll be up to in ten years.

AT: I’ll probably be a rich sell-out.

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