Interview w/ Carson Ellis , Artist

SM: Where are you at in your work right now?

CE: Trying to devote equal time to fine art, a picture book, a graphic novel, album art for the new Decemberists record, and illustration work; driving myself crazy.

SM: What joke would you tell the devil at a party in hell?

CE: Question: What’s 12 inches long and makes mommy scream all night? Answer: Stillbirth

SM: T.S. Eliot, C.S. Lewis and William Blake have all seperately asked you to the upcoming prom. Who gets to pin the corsage?

CE: C.S. Lewis, but I might get drunk and leave with William Blake.

SM: If yesterday was a combination of three colors, what colors would they be?

CE: Yesterday? Late October in Portland, Oregon? Greyish blue, greyish grey and grey

SM: In the middle of the interview, an anecdote is requested.

CE: Today I spent the day building a phone booth out of wood and discovered when I was finished that I had built it too big to fit through the door. Worse than that, I had used to door as a reference for the size (as in: “I should make it about the size of the door…only wider”). When I realized my mistake I thought I might cry but in the nick of time my friend Jesse came in and sawed the whole thing in half.

SM: Please give us a four word combination to use to banish ghosts.

CE: Be-gone, evil spectre!

SM: What’s your first reaction to a crowded city street?

CE: Clausterphobia.

SM: What is one thing you are sure of?

CE: All you need is love.

SM: What what the last song you produced an illustration to?

CE: “The Sporting Life” by the Decemberists.

SM: Please compose a short poem or haiku about whatever you’d like.

Ode to C.S. Lewis

‘Neath crepe paper ornaments
We talked all night
You brought me punch
And by candlelight
We talked about Narnia
I said I always felt for Edmund

But William Blake was a wonderful dancer
He said, “Let’s take a walk”
I swooned in answer
But O white witch!
I never saw him again
And lost my chance with you, sweet C.S.