Interview w/ Jennifer Daydreamer • Artist

SM: If you were to paint a roomful of ghosts, what would you make sure to include in the portrait?

JD: Blue ghosts. I would paint real ghosts. The ghosts would be milling about, and I would paint them transparent pinks and blues and greens and browns, to give them a little bit of color. And they would throw paint buckets on themselves, with ease, like taking a shower.

SM: What’s your first reaction to a piece of paper with your name written on it?

JD: It depends. If its cursive, or if its type. If its type, I am like “Oh, no, its a bill.” Or something professional and lawlike, like from a job, and its not good news or a waste of trees. If its cursive, and my Daydreamer name, then its great news-like more art jobs, friend mail, something nice.

SM: At the present moment, what would you like your last words to be?

JD: Hello.

SM: If your were queen of the bottom of the sea, what would you do and what would you see?

JD: I just think of other female cartoonists when you say that, like Leela Corman or Andrice Arp. They have paintings and art like that. Also, I am thinking of these ladies today, as today is the big Scheherazde book party in New York, and I am not there. boo-hoo. I live in Seattle. Its a new graphic novel featuring female cartoonists from around the world.

SM: Please regale us with an anecdote.

JD: Ok. Two minutes ago, I was waiting to cross the street, to get to this internet cafe. This couple in a SUV were stopped at the light. A nice lady and her dog were waiting at the light too, and the dog pooped on the sidewalk, near the light post. The woman in the car shouted out “Hey, your dog pooped!” And the other lady obliged, and got out her plastic bag, and cleaned it up in front of them. They exchanged pleasantries. The light was very long. So they said alot. The woman with the dog said “Thank you for telling me, he is so stinky!” And the couple finally drove off.
Personally, I would never tell someone to clean up their dog shit, unless it was on my lawn.

SM: What is something you know to be an indisputable fact?

JD: I know I don’t know a lot.

SM: What’s the closest thing to a supernatural experience you’ve encountered?

JD: I went to a shaman, and talked to spirits. And I have had some out-of-body experiences. I really like supernatural things. The supernatural is suppose to be natural, some say. I like it. I wish I had more.

SM: When was the last time you were down on your luck?

JD: Last two years. A lot of money stress, and a car accident, lost two jobs from lay-offs, my partner lost his job. We are on the swing up, though. I am pretty happy right now.

SM: What should people know about you?

JD: That I care passionatley about expressing art, I wish I didnt have to work a day job so much, I wish I wasn’t getting older, I wish I had more time. I am enjoying the current book I am working on now, I have a good feeling about that and the future.

SM: Please recommend a four or five word phrase to utter upon being stabbed by a rival in a fencing duel on the grounds of his estate.

JD: This is such a boy question. Uh, “Thanks for the pain relief?”

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