Interview w/ Patrick Boyer – Graphic Designer

SM: What’s your first reaction to rain?

PB: I guess depends if I’m dancing naked outside or how badly I really stink. Over all I would say I do enjoy the rain, although give me a crankin thunderstorm and I’ll be giddy for the rest of the day.

SM: If the road in front of you is just a little bit flooded, but maybe not too flooded to drive through, what do you usually do?

PB: Give’r

SM: Tell us, please, an anecdote.

PB: Relax…stress just ain’t worth it. Most of our problems stem form the evil stress build up. It’s like gas, you have to release it or if you let it build up your setting yourself up for disaster. If we could all afford a relaxing moment in the Caribbean then perhaps some of live’s issues would disappear, but as a general anecdote…learn to control the stress build up. Maybe Tums?

SM: What was the last piece of art or literature that really had a serious effect on you?

PB: Um, good one. I love Trainspotting and I’ve recently read Irvine Welshe’s Porno. Loved it, it made me feel vibrant. I also saw the Darkness in concert a few days back yah, and they were totally fantastic, rockin out and havin a fancy time doing it is really inspiring to any artist.

SM: If you had to choose a color, and that color would be the color of every bathroom in every house/apartment you ever lived in for the next fifty years, what color do you paint these seeminglyinfinite bathrooms?

PB: I would have to say a fusion of yellow and orange. The Mexican color that makes you just feel as if your on vacation and you can hear a mariachi band behind you. I can’t think of a happier environment when using the facilities.

SM: Concerning your favorite article of clothing- why didn’t your second favorite make the cut?

PB: I guess because they now have a whole in the crotch and it’s awfully hard to make public appearances without drawing the wrong sort of attention.

SM: What got you into design?

PB: Photography of people. I learnt graphic design to warp my photos I used to take and from there a career sprung from photo manipulation. I always wanted to be a movie producer and I got into Flash because it was both multi-media and also it was like producing and editing a movie.

SM: What’s more pornographic than pornography?

PB: Dancing naked in front of your pets

SM: Herbivore or Carnivore?

PB: I’ve actually done both, although these days I tend to like a nice barbeque on hot a summer day. Especially with a Corona and lime.

SM: Compose for us, please, a haiku.

Dear flying squirrel
please stop gnawing on my leg
and return to your gentle abode

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