Interview w/ Stephen Elliott – Author, Happy Baby

SM: If you gambled with knowledge instead of money in poker, with the loser forgetting what he knows and the winner learning what the loser forgets, what are the things that you know that you would gamble with?

SE: Early forays into publishing.

SM: What is the most important quality of any man who’s worth a damn?

SE: I don’t know. I think most people are worth a damn. Some aren’t. I’d say sincerity but that’s just BS. I guess that person does good, is good to other people, whatever their true motives might be. I don’t mind if you have bad motives as long as they drive you to do good things.

SM: What is one thing you know to be true?

SE: George Bush has lied to us many times.

SM: If you had to be buried with a book, what title would you choose to carry to the grave?

SE: Maybe Jesus’ Son. But that’s awfully dark. Maybe A Heartbreaking Work or maybe Alicia Erian’s Towelhead because I haven’t read it and I hear it’s great. I’d like to read a new book for the last time.

SM: Please indulge us with an anecdote.

SE: You know, these questions are crazy.

SM: What is the most recent circumstance in which you found yourself that you absolutely could not explain?

SE: I interviewed Billy Corgan for an hour on a stage in front of a thousand people for the City Arts And Lectures series. People kept asking me why I was asked to interview him and I kept responding that I didn’t know. I still don’t. But it went well.

SM: When was the last time your dressed up for Halloween, and as what?

SE: I usually just go as a “glam rocker” or something stupid like that. Put on a shiny shirt, some makeup, maybe leather pants.

SM: Make a prediction for yourself as to what you’ll be up to in ten years.

SE: Impossible. It’ll be totally different from whatever I’m doing now.

SM: What is your first reaction to a crowded city street?

SE: Depends on my mood. When I’m hungover I hate people.

SM: Please compose a haiku on the subject of your choosing.

No, I won’t compose
A haiku on the subject
Where is the choice there