Interview w/David Wain – 1/3 of three man comedy group STELLA, co-writer & director WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER

SM: What’s in your pockets right now?

cell phone
keychain w/flashdrive

SM: When was the last time you had to wear a suit?

DW: Shooting our Stella pilot for Comedy Central.

SM: When was the last time you became acutely aware of an important moment passing?
DW: When I had my first child, looking in Debbie’s eyes and knowing that we’ve brought another being to this earth. (not true).

SM: Would you rather see your favorite color on your own clothing or on the clothing of someone for whom you feel deep affection?

DW: The other person.

SM: Regale us, please, with an anecdote.

DW: I was walking down the street and got lost from the people I was walking with. And I went into all the stores looking for them. But in every store was the same guy with an apron on, and all he’d say is “these are penis suits.”

SM: Is there a symbol that you feel has deep importance for you?

DW: Zildjian.

SM: What’s your first reaction to the sound of laughter?

DW: $$$

SM: What was the last piece of art or literature that really had a serious effect on you?

DW: The Da Vinci Code – have you read it?

SM: What’s more pornographic than pornography?

DW: The way we raped the land that was once the homeland of the Native Americans.

SM: compose a haiku, please, on any subject.

Marcus comes in here.
“What’s your name, my good fellow?”
He likes when I ask.

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