Interview with Elena Dorfman • Photographer

SM: In your calmest moments, what is usually the first thing you want to know about your surrounding environment?

ED: Is there anything to eat?

SM: When was the last time you found yourself losing yourself in fascination?

ED: At a convention for video game fans

SM: What question have you been waiting to be asked?

ED: When are you going to shut the fuck up?

SM: What is your most notorious habit?

ED: Having one foot out the door

SM: If you ran to the opposite end of the city where you live to tell someone one thing, what would you be in such a rush to tell them?

ED: That they are kind and beautiful, even if they are not

SM: How would you recommend we calm an upset cat?

ED: Dangle a small shrimp in front of its nose

SM: What song would you like to hear on the day before the most important day of your life?

ED: Anything by Pete Townshend before – or after – his pedophelia controversy

SM: What was your last memorable encounter with a stranger?

ED: On a plane, having an intimate conversation about marriage and children with a hedge-fund manager from Ohio.

SM: Please recommend how we would recognize you in the land of sleep and dreaming.

ED: I’m the one with the amputated arm.