Interview with Jim Rugg • Artist; Co-Creator of “Street Angel”

SM: Barring an airplane, when was the last time you spent an extended period of time at a high altitude?

JR: Last summer. I went on a hot air balloon ride.

SM: When was the last time you were the recipient of good fortune?

JR: My life has been pretty easy lately. I can’t pinpoint when it started, but I’ve had nothing but good fortune the last few years (it kind of makes me nervous).

SM: Have you ever been or come close to being forcibly ejected from a public venue?

JR: Not really.

SM: Have you ever felt compelled to talk to a stranger?

JR: Yes. The stranger was a girl with an eye patch.

SM: T.S Eliot, C.S. Lewis and William Blake are teaming up to stop a super villian’s death ray. How do they go about foiling his plan?

JR: Knowing them, they drop to their knees, lock hands, and pray.

SM: Regale us, please, with an anecdote.

JR: When I was 6, I wanted this toy Bigfoot truck for Christmas. It was a high-demand item that year. To stack the odds in my favor, I told my parents that, it was the only thing I wanted – the Bigfoot truck or nothing! Christmas morning, I woke up and eagerly ran down stairs. My sister had a big pile of brightly wrapped gifts waiting for her, and I had one small box wrapped in newspaper and bailer’s twine (the stuff that binds bails of hay).
That’s fine, I thought, the box is the right size. I tear off the newspaper, and it’s not the Bigfoot box? It’s just a plain, brown cardboard box with a note, which read something like, “Dear Jimmy, I’m sorry for the newspaper and bailer’s twine, but I used all the nice paper and ribbon on the good kids. Merry Christmas, Santa Claus.” I open the box and it’s a lump of coal.
My neighbor, a farmer, masterminded this little deceit and my parents, whom I trusted, I was only 6 afterall, went along with it. I was devastated. It was so traumatic that I can’t remember all the details clearly, but I think I started to cry. Then they felt bad and gave me my real gifts – including the Bigfoot truck.

SM: When was the last time you had to improvise to solve an important problem?

JR: I can’t remember. I’m pretty detail oriented (i.e.,obsessively-compulsive, control freak). Plus my life is so mundane that I
don’t often have important problems.

SM: What would be one thing you love unequivocally?

JR: My cat, Rocket – he’s like my little pal that doesn’t talk back (he can’t meow for some reason, but he purrs like he swallowed a chainsaw).

SM: If there was a law entitled Jim Rugg’s Law, what would it require?

JR: It would require that people arrive on time. I hate when people make me late. I don’t mind if someone is a little late for a meeting with me (depending on various circumstances), but I hate if I’m riding with someone and their tardiness makes me late.


Always round up when estimating how much something will cost and how much time something will take and always round down when estimating income.

SM: Please compose a brief poem or haiku on the subject of your choosing.

It’s freezing ass cold
Like living in Alaska
Winter in Pittsburgh