Interview with Martin Luther • Musician

SM: When was the last time you found yourself drawn to a church or house of worship?

ML: I attend worship service and sunday school at the church I was raised in when I’m in San Francisco from time to time. I fellowship more often outside the church with spirit filled people regularly. I was recently invited to visit a church in Harlem ,NY that is pastored by a cat I went to college with. I will check his space out soon.

SM: What is a topic you are unwilling to change your mind about?

ML: The fact that God is Real.

SM: If I were to tell you we were sending over a box of your favorite things, what would you be expecting in the mail tomorrow?

ML: Some cool stickers, some cool clothes, a model car, a tool kit, some comic books, guitar strings and an aloe vera plant…maybe some crystals and oh, video tapes of all the classic Rebel Soul Men…ie Jimi Hen, G. Clinton, Prince and Sly.

SM: What do you suppose strangers are hearing when they hear your voice for the first time?

ML: The Gospel. God making noise through the voice of one of his children.

SM: Please describe an impressionable moment from childhood.

ML: Watching a friend’s uncle waking up on the sidewalk from an all night drug induced evening the night before…very uncool.

SM: If your words occasionally set people on fire, what phrase would you be
careful not to say?

ML: I wouldn’t be careful at all. Burn em’.

SM: What is an activity you do often that you’re unwilling to stop doing anytime soon?

ML: Performing my music.

SM: What is your first reaction to a really hard rain?

ML: Damn, I hope the window’s closed!

SM: Please share with us something you know that you could comfortably call “wisdom”.

ML: I’m too tired to think right now…there is much to say to answer this but i’ll say this…what ever you are into or after in life, taking it one day at a time is a very smart approach. Never feel anger about paying dues cuz when you are burning rubber, you have to leave a lil’ scratch somewhere.

SM: What was the first thing you thought when you woke up this morning?

ML: Damn it’s 12:30pm….just two more hours!

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