Interview with Nina Paley • Artist

SM: If you were looking for ghosts walking around disguised as men, what would give them away?

NP: Their online personal ads.

SM: If we were to replace your heartbeat with a song, what would you prefer it be?

NP: Something Bhangra.

SM: Where is the most soothing place near you that you can think of?

NP: My sofa, with my cat beside me and sunlight streaming through the window.

SM: How would you recommend we deal with loudmouths and braggarts?

NP: Spay and neuter.

SM: Please indulge us with an anecdote.

NP: My husband dumped me by email.

SM: If you were heard to remark,”It’s alright, I’m here from the future.”, where and when would you likely be?

NP: Here, one milisecond from now.

SM: What would you bring with you if you knew that tomorrow you were going to the most important place you’d ever been?

SM: Questions.

SM: If your dreams are a type of language, who are you speaking with?

NP: Myself.

SM: Please describe your style of dancing to someone who has never seen it.

NP: I only dance in private. Really! I’m too inhibited to dance in public.

SM: Please compose a brief poem or haiku on the subject of your choosing.

The fruit the producer supplies
is produced for a market that buys.
When production expands
beyond market demands
then the fruit is produced for the flies.