Visual Interview with Polly Chandler • Photographer

This week, we continue a series of visual interviews, in which an artist or photographer replies to our interview questions with a sketch or photograph. This week’s visual interview is with photographer Polly Chandler. Click on the question to view her reply.

SM: Do you have anything you carry around for good luck?

SM: If you were posed in a photograph to be displayed in a museum, what sort of photograph would you like to have taken of you?

SM: When was the last time you noticed everything getting really quiet around you?

SM: When was the last time you had a case of insomnia, and what did you do to remedy it?

SM: Please describe one of your most frequent daily habits.

SM: If you woke up to find all the clocks running backwards, and the people around you going backward with them, how would you spend your day?

SM: If there was a door someone could open and see inside your head, what would someone have to say in order to open it?

SM: When was the last time something left you with a profound sense of mystery?

SM: Hypothetical: names spoken aloud are outlawed, and every one has to choose a visual symbol to represent themselves. Please describe your symbol.

SM: When was the last time you were drawn to an unfamiliar building?