Book Review: The Forest Of Hands And Teeth by Carrie Ryan

What’s this book about? A group of teenage girls learns about life and love via a set of enchanted jet setting pants. Just kidding, it’s about zombies.
Is there a super fast zombie with an unending hunger and a dark animal intelligence? That zombie will kill the hell out of you if it gets the chance. Also, she has a sporty red vest. No joke.
This book has just the kind of zombie I like. Pushing against threadbare fences like river water against the windows of a sinking car, threatening to engulf everything. Wearing down their skin and bone and muscle just so they can eat some people. As usual, if you cut off their head they die. (Incidentally, this is also the way to kill a pair of magical life-enriching pants.)
This book seems to me to be about stolen moments of warmth and comfort in a threatening and dangerous world. Highlights include: A girl and a dog in a barrel, suspended in the air over a city of undead. A young couple whiles the time away isolated in a fortified house while the dead claw at the door.
This book also seems to me to be about leaving those moments behind. Sometimes you gotta run through a forest of zombies to find out whats on the other side.
Finally, this book seems to me to be about how petty tyrants will seize any disaster to get some power. When the book starts the main character Mary is stuck in a town where a church full of nuns run everything including the makeshift zombie police (called Guardians). They try to suppress the people and keep them inside the zombie-preventing fences. Also they try to act like there’s no such thing as the ocean. But as anyone who has heard a Rage Against The Machine song knows, trying to run a secretive government with no separation of church and state is a bullet train to zombie teeth in your face.
Zombie renaming Hi-Jinks. In this book zombies are called Unconsecrated.
Is this book any good? My girlfriend wanted to make out but I was all like,”Let me finish this chapter.”
Rating: One Angry Girlfriend.

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