DVD Review: Dexter Season 2

What’s this show about? The second season of Dexter finds Michael C. Hall’s slightly smiling cooler-than-a-polar-bear’s-toenails serial killer doing way less killing and a lot more hanging out and figuring out his life. It’s still really good, though. He dates this crazy girl who won’t wear a bra and thinks he’s her soul mate. Also, everybody he ever killed gets pulled up from their watery graves by the police.

Remember the part in Harriet the Spy where the other kids find her notebook and read all the hurtful observations she wrote about them, then form a “Spy Catcher Club”? This is like that, if Harriet had been a methodical and precise killer of men with a remarkable attention to detail and a creative flair, and the “Spy Catcher Club” had been a mixed team of FBI agents and local Miami police.

How about that wall sized painting his crazy girlfriend does of him toward the end of the season? I bet even Michael Hall was all like, “AAAH!” when he first saw it. That thing made him look super evil.

Just like the first season, the style of photography really gives the city of Miami its own distinctive personality. This show makes me want to swim in the ocean and have a Cuban sandwich.

This show is about keeping secrets for the greater good and turning your worst flaw against itself. It’s like the equivalent of a cheating husband adultering his way to the happiest marriage ever. Don’t know how he did it, but, man, look at those results.

Rating: Ten Bodies At The Bottom Of The Sea, Waiting To Ruin Everything