DVD Review: Snow Angels

What’s this movie about? A funny high school kid gets a cute girlfriend with an old fashioned camera while his former babysitter deals with her evangelical whiskey-fueled fuck up of an estranged husband. These two stories overlap. Oh, also the kid’s mom and hangdog professor dad are splitting up.
Man, how about that dance scene in the bar with the lady in the Freddy Krueger shirt and hat? Sam Rockwell‘s madness gets the best of him in a tender and vulnerable moment that kicks the viewer’s ass, emotionally speaking. I dare some other indie drama director to craft as moving a scene with the hockey mask from the Friday the 13th movies.
It’s not that this movie has no colors, but given how much snow is seen in the film, this movie is whiter than the Republican National Convention. Then again, it is called Snow Angels.
I was going to write this whole thing about how this movie was a parable of good and evil wrapped around every character like snakes around the staff in the symbol of Caduceus but it’s a sunny autumn day, I won $12 in the scratch off lottery and I just ate a sixteen dollar steak for five bucks so later suckas I’m going to go enjoy my lucky day. Sorry, David Gordon Green.
Rating: Seven Bites Of Almost Free Steak

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