Game Review: Mass Effect

What a grim and melancholy game. Many missions send your character into the cruel and icy winds of hostile planets; over somber jagged rocks of nearly empty worlds; often to find a moral dilemma waiting at the end. Mass Effect operates in gray zones of right and wrong: anyone who plays this game well is rewarded with a story of compromise and hard choices.

I bought this game twice. My apartment got burglarized and the thief took half my games and my first XBOX360. The first time around I used the kick-ass character creation system to make a guy that looked like the black version of an old automotive sales rep I used to work with; the second time around I made a short haired woman with a hook nose like an ex-girlfriend of mine.

This game quoted Tennyson at me. Just saying. It’s not that I feel I need to hear, “APRIL is the cruellest month/ breeding Lilacs out of the dead land/ mixing Memory and desire/ stirring Dull roots with spring rain,” in order to play Super Mario Kart, but its not like they’re going to make a T.S.Eliot’s “The Wasteland” game anytime soon.

This game has sex in it. Or so I’ve heard. When I thought my female space commander was about to hook up with the blue skinned alien lady in the game, I yelled “YAY!” at my TV.

Rating: Ten William Blakes