Game Review: Ninja Gaiden II

This Game Is Crazy. I think the point where I found a set of double swords in the base of The Statue of Liberty is where it dawned on me this game is fucking ridiculous, plot wise. Also the part where I fought some werewolves in the canals of Venice. So, if you fell asleep in your black footie pajamas with your vacation photos in your lap in front of the TV and Teen Wolf came on while you were sleeping- this game is what your dream would be like.
Is this game any good? Come for the ninja killing, stay for the brief tour through some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.
Did you know? The original plot of the game was for the artistic but plain looking ninja to discover that his relationship with the high school star quarterback was the result of a bet, a stupid bet.
Rating: One And A Half Egyptian Pyramids.

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