Movie Review: Michael Clayton

What’s It About? Tom Wilkinson plays a brilliant old lawyer for an evil company who stops taking his medicine for manic depression and like Saul of Damascus turns into a beatific lunatic who fights to do the right thing and in one scene demonstrates that he loves freshly baked bread. Unfortunately for him Tilda Swinton plays a murdering business lady who doesn’t want him exposing her company. Before you know it, hes getting all the bread he wants-in heaven, because she murders him. Unfortunately for her George Clooney is the star of this movie and he’s a smart lawyer with a gambling problem, a shifty alcoholic brother and a developing moral compass.
How many cool apartments do the characters have? I like the genius older lawyer’s apartment a lot. He had a big spacious loft, perfect for making crazy phone calls from.
Did you know? George Clooney initially insisted on donning his old Batsuit from the film Batman & Robin for each scene, nipples and all.
Graphic Design Hi-jinks: The use of space and imagery in the closing credits made me yell “Fuck yeah!” at my TV.
Rating: Twelve Freshly Baked Loaves of Bread From a New York Bakery

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