Parks and Recreation | Season Two

My original synopsis of Parks and Recreation was “government shenanigans in a park”. Does a senator soliciting sex in a park bathroom count as “shenanigans”?  I bet if you got caught with a prostitute in a park and the police started chasing you it would be handy to have a little iPod with the Benny Hill music queued up. Guess a guy looking for hookers in a park isn’t thinking about props for a comedy bit, though.

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is a sweetly naive bureaucrat with a love of local government. Nick Offerman plays her breakfast-loving supervisor Ron Swanson. I was going to write that Aziz Ansari’s character Tom Haverford is a “loveable sleaze” but once again, my powers of description have failed me because portly wheelchair-bound pornographer Larry Flynt is a loveable sleaze, not Aziz Ansari. I guess he’s more of a lusty schemer. What the hell? Apparently I am trying to writing a community theater play set in a brothel, with these character descriptions.

How cute is Aubrey Plaza’s character April? Unfortunately, you can’t date a TV show character, no matter how long you hold your TV up in a lightning storm and hope you get zapped into the television like Captain N. Even if you did get magically transported into a television show, what if it was the wrong one? You’re trying to end up in HBO’s True Blood so you can kiss a vampire and next thing you know you’re in Law & Order Special Victims Unit getting sexually assaulted.  I’ll keep my TV in the living room, thanks, and my dimensional portals closed.

Maybe I also have a crush on the actress Aubrey Plaza, come to think of it. She was pretty beguiling (thanks thesaurus!) in the movie Funny People.  Hope my girlfriend doesn’t mind all this crush talk. I never got that thing where two people who are dating give each other a pass if they get a chance to have sex with a celebrity. Celebrities aren’t gossamer angels with healing sex powers. A famous person is no different than you or I, except they have a golden ticket to have sex with your significant other if you’re an idiot blinded by fame.

So if a famous person tries to seduce you- say, “No Thanks! I’m with somebody, Angelina Jolie! Stay back, Morgan Freeman, I’m monogamous!  Keep it in your pants, James McAvoy!” Oh wait, that’s just the cast of Wanted. Feel free to sleep with them.

Seriously, though, Parks and Recreation is an excellent well-written comedy with a strong ensemble cast and you’d be remiss to not watch it. You’d think I could have skipped all that celebrity sex stuff and just twittered that sentence, but here we are, two ships in the night, me reviewing a television show, you reading about it, and Morgan Freeman out there somewhere in the darkness, trying to hit on your girlfriend.

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