Really Late Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

What’s it About? Daniel Day-Lewis plays a ruthless businessman who wants to get at all that oil! This preacher kid has some land with oil under it, but Daniel Day-Lewis kicks his ass. During a pivotal scene toward the end of the movie,  the young minister has a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard– to steal his oil! Drainage! Also Daniel Day-Lewis has a son that gets his ears boxed by an oil explosion and goes deaf. Of course, he’s a dick to that kid in the end.
Did you know? I saw this movie months ago. There is no reason to review it.
Alternate Title Suggestion For This Film: “OIL JERK”
Necessary Disclaimer Sticker That Would Have To Go On The Packaging Of The Film If It Were Called “OIL JERK”: This is not a porno.
Rating: Several Months Past The Appropriate Time To Write About This Movie

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