Review, Album: The Notorious B.I.G. “Greatest Hits”

There’s a new Biggie Smalls album out. I know this, because the record store downtown has a giant poster in its window of his head. It’s not really new, it’s a greatest hits compilation, but it’s a good chance for Mr. Wallace’s image to gaze out at us from the other side of the six-foot marker in the graveyard.
It got me to thinking about totems and graven images, and it got me to thinking of patterns. You see, you and I are patterns, software implemented into skin, acting on other patterns.
You see a dead man looking back at you from behind glass, and he seems to say, “I’m still a pattern, somewhere. I did a disappearing act, but see, here I am, looking at you. I am in many windows of many cities.” And you think about what it means to be gone, and you have to wonder if skin is all that can carry what makes you essentially you, or if there are vessels unknown to the senses to deliver us back into the world, into the store windows, into the radios, into dreams.
Those having been said, if you want to start listening to The Notorious B.I.G., listen to Ready To Die, especially “Everyday Struggle”.

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