Review, Album & Activity; Timbaland Presents: Shock Value & Sleeping Near A Lake

When I was younger, I lived beside a lake. Sleeping next to a large body of water to me feels different than sleeping in a city. It’s as though you are suspended between two bodies of water, as though the presence of the lake exists only to mirror our submersion in the unconscious mind. To live next to a lake is to never escape weightlessness or the suspension of the body or mind. Your feet may dig in the dirt or ice may chill its surface but the feeling of suspension in water is always just waiting.
I think maybe that our natural state is to not be tethered, maybe as you sleep next to a lake the unbroken surface of the water is calling you to get out of bed and take your bare-feet and bed-sheets down to its mud lined edges and swim to the center of a murky pocket, to never be bound or caught.
I’ve been listening to Timbaland’s new solo album, Timbaland Presents: Shock Value. I could swear I hear the sound of a looped crow in the background of one of his songs. That has an appeal to me. I like the idea of re-appropriating noises and distorting them for the sake of music. This to me is a form of swimming, or of untying something, or of renaming, all of these things are a type of casting a spell, if you think about it.
But most of this album does not seem like that to me. It sounds like music that is not free. There is nothing to swim around in. This album is kind of boring. It does not call you in the middle of the night. It does not have any murky pockets

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