Review: Amazon Unbox Video Download Service

If you are my girlfriend, you know that I’ve been trying to put an episode of Veronica Mars on my phone for several months now. This is because my phone can play videos, and because I like the idea of a show about a plucky girl detective being magically in my pocket.
If you are not my girlfriend, you are probably sad. But I can’t stop you from wishful thinking. That task can only be accomplished by Wishtor, the sword that cuts through wishful thoughts.
Amazon Unbox was happy to take my money in this pursuit, and was equally happy to tell me that my storage card on my phone had “incorrect parameters”. Now I have a crappy copy of Veronica Mars on my computer, and my computer won’t let me even try to put it on my phone. I like how Amazon Unbox convinced my computer and my smart phone to not listen to me and do what I want. That’s like some guy across town that has the power to call your dog on the phone and your dog actually does what he says.
Hey, get off the phone with that guy! You’re my dog.

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