Review, Charles Mingus: The Complete 1959 Columbia Sessions

In a sleepy bout of music downloading last night around three in the morning, I put this album on my music playing phone, the very existence of which leads me to believe that I may one day have an advice giving toaster. I don’t know anything about Charles Mingus. I don’t know when he lived or died, or anything about his life. My deep and seemingly endless ignorance of Charles Mingus facts would make at least one person who cares very very deeply about him angry with me, I bet. How can I listen to Charles Mingus and not have taken the time to see what his face looks like?
Which leads me to wonder what something means when you see it and don’t know what you are looking at. What does it mean to listen when you don’t know what you are hearing?
I will wait and ask the toaster in ten years.
Dear Charles Mingus- I’m sorry I didn’t take the time. I like all these songs. If it makes you feel any better, I never know what I’m looking at, I never know what I am hearing.

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