Review, Design/Illustration: U-Haul’s Anthropomorphic Truck Logo


Does everything on this earth that we use need to be given the spark of life, does every candy bar, jar of peanuts, stack of tires and moving service van need to be made into our likeness? Does every cereal need a talking bird to love it for us to feel the same way?
“Oh, I need a van to move my stuff in. But I need one that looks like me. And he needs to talk. And point with his bumper at low prices.”
All this thing needs is a word balloon announcing, “Put things up my rear end!”
“What happened to your bed frame and your television stand?”
“Well, I was moving and then the moving truck doubled over on itself and gained sentient thought, so they got crushed when it’s tires buckled underneath it and it started smiling. Now it sits outside my bedroom window at night and whispers secrets to me.”
I don’t like his thousand-mile stare, either. Meet my eyes, you grinning loon.