Review, Logo/Illustration: Amazing Cat Pirate & Entropy


This amazing cat pirate is the logo for a scratching post I saw in a pet store. Entropy is a term to describe, in layman’s terms, the inevitable all-inclusive breakdown of all systems around us. Which means this amazing cat pirate’s hook will eventually tarnish and fade, and with enough time eventually break down or be melted down and become a golden ring or a tooth in another amazing cat pirate’s mouth.
This also means that this cat’s ship (“The Keeling Litter Box”, for those who are interested) will rot and warp, eventually sinking to the ocean floor or winding up in a ship graveyard.
Even his plundered treasure (golden bags of treats and scratching posts; also some of those plastic wheels with the little ball on a rolling track that he can bat around) will disintegrate eventually, perhaps even in the very chest he has his little kitty boot on.
And what of our fantastic kitty buccaneer? Will some scurvy dogs (sorry, the joke was inevitable) run him through with their swords? Will he abandon the sea life for catnip and rum?
Whatever his fate, though his decline is unavoidable, he will live forever in our dreams, just at the edges of our perception, batting the balls of our imaginations through the plastic cylinder of our dreams.

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