Review, Logo/Illustration: Cosmic Catnip

Cosmic Cat

This cat, who is stoned out of his mind, is the image that this catnip company has chosen to represent itself. You don’t often find product logos or artwork that incorporates a full-blown drug induced hallucinatory experience as part of their marketing strategy. That cat is hallucinating so hard his whiskers are turning up.
I like the subtle look of surprise on the cat’s face, like maybe he’s in a roomful of other cats who are used to doing catnip, but this is his first time and he didn’t expect it to be this intense, and he doesn’t want to let on that his cat brain is collapsing on itself like a rainbow supernova.
I also like the clouds in the background that are shaped like cats.
Of course, this may be an actual real life drawing of the physical effect of this catnip, sort of a visual warning: Your cat will ride a rainbow over grassy hills and cat shaped clouds after ingesting this catnip. Please do not be alarmed as he or she is lifted into the air by a wide spectrum of colors.

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