Review, Logo/Illustration: Fire Warning Logo

This is the fire warning sign for the elevators around the office. What I like about it is that the man fleeing the fire looks very casual about his escape. It’s the way he kicks his back leg up, along with the outstretched “holding a margarita” angle of his arm.
“Oh, hello everyone. Sorry I’m so late to the party, I was just racing against my life against a fucking fire.”
They should change the type on the sign to, “DO NOT LET A FIRE ATTEND THE PARTY”. Come to think of it, doesn’t it look like the fire is standing at the top of the stairs, all mad because it can’t stay up late and hang out with the grown ups?
If I could change anything about this sign, I would make it so there were motion lines coming out from behind the man’s silhouette and he’d be clutching a fedora to his head while a Tiki god silhouette stamped it’s feet in frustration in the background.

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