Review, Logo/Illustration: “Koala Crisps”

Review, Logo/Illustration:
Come to think of it, this cereal seems pretty straightforward. A koala drowsing lazily on a tree branch sees a bowl of cereal the size of his head, and gazes at it thoughtfully. The koala hardly seems surprised at the sight of an over sized bowl of cereal (perhaps tucked into the hollow of an adjoining tree?). This kind of thing probably happens all the time.
Some guy probably wanders from Eucalyptus tree to Eucalyptus tree, planting bowls of Koala Crisp in little nooks between branches. “Alright you koalas!” he yells, “come get your crisps!”. Then he pulls his big floppy hat down over his face and falls asleep in the shade.
Later, the koalas steal the buttons off his shirt.
You’d think, all things considered, that they’d have named the cereal “Koala Krisp” with a “K”.

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