Review Of Windows Vista & Heaven

Windows Vista is the new operating system from Windows. A of lot of people don’t care about it. In fact, I’d be pretty willing to bet that deep down inside, beneath the curtain of awareness and the veil of dreams, where the poets and executives and janitors of the soul all bustle and clamor for the attention of the waking mind, nobody anywhere really gives a damn about Windows Vista.
But Vista’s photo manager stole a trick or two from the flickr photo sharing service and implemented tags for photos. This means that for the first time I can sort my collection of over 7,000+ photos (all available for viewing here, unless you are reading this in the year 3000, when this is just an electronic cough unheard in a crowded room, blink for a second and its gone, now get back to searching for a way to escape Dinosaur Village).
So this frees up my time to think about Heaven. I don’t know if I believe in Heaven or not, I think that I do. I like the idea of heaven; it seems like a reasonable place where one might be able to store an episode of Veronica Mars on one’s smart phone. But what I want to know is, does anything you do in heaven really matter? Actions we take here inside the mortal coil have meaning and significance because of our temporary states. There is evil and death here, men of iniquity, liars, thieves and sociopaths. Their actions give contrast to our choices and frame our decisions.
In heaven, where everything is perfect forever and outside of time, does anything matter? If there is no peril, then nothing is at stake. If nothing is at stake, then what’s the point?
That having been said, I’d rather be hanging out in Heaven with all my photos sorted than with a bunch of thieving sociopaths here on earth.