Review, Online Service: Google Reader

The internet is starting to feel like the ocean, in the way that the ocean makes you feel uneasy when you swim too far out in it and you look back over your shoulder and the silhouette of your hotel against the flattened sun baked sky has grown so small, and its all just a shade of blue meeting another shade of greenish blue in a vanishing point on a cruel horizon.
Its all starting to feel like too much, all these endlessly copyable files and articles and music and photos and videos, having taken on the properties of water, even seeming to have out-evolved water, and even those combinations of these things waiting there in the future, waiting to be seen and heard in a process that sometimes seems like seeing and sometimes feels like swimming and sometimes feels like drinking.
Our music, photos, videos and words have pulled a fantastic trick: they have switched our mouths with our eyes. And here we stand, you and I, in the tide, wondering what we are doing in all this water.
We need sturdy wooden boats to skim the surface, dams, channels, simple man made things to make sense of seas, oceans, lakes. Water only seems to want to make more of itself, to take on the shape of what it’s inside of, to pass through any and all things, to wash the skin, to move and move and move.
For the moment, Google Reader, an rss feed reader (did you know you can subscribe to this website in just such a thing?) seems like a nice little boat to ride around on, take me back to the hotel, my arms are tired.

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