Reviews 08.29.07

Internet Explorer.
I just now learned that if you visit this site using IE, none of the links work. So now I look like a chimp who threw a keyboard at the moon and came up with a website. I hate you, inconsistent browsers.

Jill Scott, “Slowly Surely”.
I can’t always listen to this song because it makes me sad, and also because it makes me think of a 1950’s Japanese detective who investigates a shape shifting criminal who turns out to be an old girlfriend, but he has to let go of his hopes to start again with her because now her heart is as inconstant as her fluid silvery skin.

Some pop punk band with a girl singer who I maybe listened to more than three times this week. If you play it backwards, you can actually hear fathers around the globe not understanding their daughters. One time when I was in middle school my best friend called me to tell me he was burning all his Cheap Trick albums because he played them backwards and he heard the devil. Yeah, if the devil sounds like crappy music. I’m sorry, Cheap Trick fans, the real cheap trick was making you think this was a real review.

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