This book is partially set in Milledgeville, Georgia and written by an author from Milledgeville, Georgia. Too bad books can’t understand words, because then I’d say “Hey book- crazy coincidence- I”m from Milledgeville, Georgia!” And then the book could ask me what year I graduated high school and if I know its cousin, the newspaper.

I read another review of this book that said it had a lot of laugh out loud moments, but I listened to the audio-book, and as much as I’d like to say I brayed like a donkey laughing out loud at it with my big headphones on, I did not. Not that it wasn’t funny, but it was mostly a kind of subtle funny, in that most of the book concerns itself with the exploits of charming fuck-up Spooner and his polar opposite stepfather Calmer, whose cup runneth over with common sense and gentle kindness. Come to think of it, it’s not that Spooner is charming, it’s that he’s so good-hearted and befuddled by his own horrible instincts for every decision in his life that I guess I was charmed by that part of his personality.

No doubt due to his work as a charming down on his luck southern man in the show ‘My Name Is Earl’, I couldn’t help but picture a bearded Jason Lee as Spooner, and because of his general onscreen disposition as an actor I imagined Gary Sinise to fill the role of Calmer.You’re welcome, people who have a hard time imagining what actors to choose to represent characters from books in their heads.

Spooner was written by author Pete Dexter.

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