The Hangover

Have you seen The Hangover? Have you seen it? Huh? Have you?! So funny. Did you see it? Did you see the movie The Hangover??!! Hilarious!!! Say you know what movie you should see? The Hangover. Oh man we went to the dollar theater and saw The Hangover, have you checked it out yet?

No. No, everyone else in the world. I had not seen The Hangover. Not until just now. Sorry every living breathing specimen of animal, mineral or plant life on the entire planet. I am the only person who hadn’t seen The Hangover until now.

I know the whole thing about the reviews on Scene Missing is that I review things as I get around to them, but even I feel late to the game on this one. Want a review of the movie The Hangover? Here you go: baby, tiger, Mike Tyson, Las Vegas, sun poisoning and Zach Galifianakis in his tighty whities. Oh and Ed Helms’s missing tooth. Now when your grandma asks you about this movie you can talk about it with confidence. Hmmm, looks like all that stuff is in the poster for the movie so your granny might call bull-hockey on that one.

Did you see that French Bulldog puppy Mike Tyson was holding? You ever seen that youtube video with the French Bulldog puppy rolling around because he can’t get off his back? You know who else can’t get off their back? Your momma.

That’s right, the whole internet’s momma can’t get off her back. She’d have to turn a lot of tricks to afford a French Bulldog puppy. Those things are expensive.

Oh right, the movie. It was really funny.

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