The Pleasure of Being Robbed

Mild spoilers below.

Eleonore Hendricks plays Eléonore, a cute skinny brown haired thief girl who wanders around New York City stealing stuff from people. If you have a purse or a bunch of grapes or a bag full of kittens, she is going to take them from you in a most winsome fashion!

Speaking of a bag full of kittens, who travels around with a bag full of kittens? I say if you don’t keep an eye on your bag of kittens you deserve to have them stolen by New York City’s cutest thief, along with your satchel of French Bulldog puppies and your cart of baby hippos.

She wanders around New York stealing things until she runs into this bearded hipster guy who wants a ride home so they steal a car (naturally) in the most charming fashion imaginable. They only way automotive theft could get any cuter is if a couple of orphans with holes in the fingers of their gloves did it.  Turns out his home is in Boston so they cool it on the stealing for a while and take a road trip. She spends the night at his house and doesn’t even rob him! She could have at least taken some of his art or his undershirt or his bike. Yeah steal his bike, lady!

When she gets back there is no mention of the kittens from earlier. What happened to those kittens, movie??!

The only scene I didn’t enjoy is when Eléonore convinces some cops to take her to to the zoo after they arrest her (for stealing, yo) and she daydreams about playing with the zoo’s polar bear.

None of that bothered me, who wouldn’t want to rassle around with a polar bear, it’s just that the polar bear suit they used was so far away from what an actual polar bear looks like. If there was a polar bear serial killer and he was going around murdering other polar bears and making a suit out of those polar bears, it would be pretty close to what this polar bear looked like. All he was missing was his mother’s pearls and a manifesto about the polar bear government.

Well, time to wrap this review up—I hate to do this to you, but I have to say it. Eleonore Hendricks steals many things in The Pleasure of Being Robbed, but the greatest thing she will steal….

is your heart.

Also, your kittens.

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