Ink Blot: Bulls Under Water

In which photos are randomly pulled from the Scene Missing Flickr photostream, run through a Photoshop Rorschach filter, and analyzed.

Ink Blot

These look like two bulls facing each other, diving into the ocean. I stole the term “bulls under water” from an ex-girlfriend. She taught a dance class to elementary school aged children, and one of the girls in her class told her that Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” reminded her of bulls swimming under water. So I suppose you could say that I stole the term from a little girl I never met. Bulls swimming or otherwise are often referenced in my life. Aside from being a Taurus and being told by every girl I’ve ever dated that I was the most stubborn boy they’ve ever met, I’ve been working on a portrait photo project based on some Argentinean playing cards that feature matadors and bulls. I found them in the pantry room adjacent to the kitchen in the old tin roof house I’ve been renting. Given that I’m always thinking about the sea or the ocean or big bodies of water or even smoking on my front porch under two big pirate flags, it’s no wonder that the idea of bulls submerged in the briny deep has insinuated itself in my dreams and e-mail logins and website names and little post-it note drawings and even here in my very first Rorschach test. So thanks for the elusive but nevertheless pivotal concept in my life, dancing little girl. Maybe one day I’ll come up with something equally haunting for you to obsess over.

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