Ink Blot: Two Ducks On The Case

In which modern technology is utiilized to form Rorschach-esque ink blots. Updates Wednesdays.

ink blot

This week’s ink blot is two ducks inspecting a hole in the ground. I’m on vacation and it looks like my subconscious is, too. Sorry it’s not more exciting. Last night I took allergy medicine after drinking a lot of Pabst Blue Ribbon and my heart raced until six in the morning. When I finally did sleep, I dreamt that some beefy tall guy with a jock’s haircut was turning all our leaves upside down. (This was a problem). In the end of the dream he got hit by a bus. Perhaps this hole in the ground leads to his grave, and those ducks are leaning over to peer into it underneath a canopy of upside down leaves.

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