Ink Blot: Roosters.

In which modern technology is utiilized to form Rorschach-esque ink blots. Updates Wednesdays.

ink blot

I see two roosters looking up at the trees, waiting for the leaves to fall.
Yesterday I saw this punk rock guy walking around under a tree that was turning colors and dropping leaves on his head. I guess he was a bit of a rooster himself.
This morning I was walking into the bathroom and it occurred to me that dead men who stay in this world as ghosts to resolve unfinished business probably turn into leaves on the wind when they move from place to place this time of year.
When I was walking to my car to go to lunch I got to thinking about how many different things the word “ghost” could mean, and then my car wouldn’t start in my front yard until I opened the hood and shook the battery cables, and when it was done I stared at the dirt on my fingertips while above me the branches of the trees resolved the unfinished business of shedding their leaves.

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