Lost A Shoe

The old man touched every fencepost
On his walk down a sandy road
His fingertips leaving blood
Red on grey wood

The old man lost a shoe
Two miles back
He hated his socks
So he got rid of them too

A young woman down the road
Fighting five zombies
Was wearing
Both her shoes

She was waving a fencepost
She had pulled out of the ground
Which had torn the palms of her hands
Red on grey wood

“Hey man would you help me
With all of this?” she cried
Breaking the fencepost
Over a zombie’s head

“Sorry I can’t
I lost a shoe two miles back”
said the old man, standing
As still as the fence himself

“I am going to die
At the hands
Of walking corpses”
said the young woman

“Also, you are carrying
A fucking sword.”
she added, flailing her arms
In a circle of dead men

“My feet are sore.”
said the old man
It was true because
He had no socks

But then he could no longer
See the young woman
And something great
Reappeared from within him

Like something pulled
From the ground
Something he thought he left
Two miles back

The old man

Later he and the young woman
Walked along a sandy road
He turned to her and said
“I need to get some socks.”

The young woman examined
The cuts on her hands
Wiped them on his coat
Red on grey wood

Part of the “Orphan Ascends In Green” series, a collection of poems about three travelers on an island overrun by zombies.