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Interview with Paul Scheer

Interview conducted via email. SM: You’re the last surviving human getting ready to board a ship leaving Earth. What brief message would you leave behind? PS: “Watch Gossip Girl every […]

Interview with Paul F Tompkins

Interview conducted via email. SM: Please describe your most recent brush with danger. PFT: I thought I was allergic to peanuts! False alarm. Totally psychosomatic. Now I eat peanuts by […]

Interview with Aziz Ansari • Comedian

SM: Please finish the following sentence: “The days, they go by like…” AA: The days, they go by like.. years as I wait for Time Warner to fix my Internet […]

Interviews With Comedians Andres du Bouchet & Anthony DeVito

Interview with Andres du Bouchet SM: Do you know how to cook? My girlfriend says I will never be complete until I learn how to cook. Is this true? ADB: […]

Interview with Val Kappa • Comedian

SM: If you were to illustrate a river with a secret in it, what would you be sure to include in the drawing? VK: I would draw a river with […]

Interview with Christian Finnegan • Comedian

SM: When was the last time you found yourself stranded somewhere, and how did you get un-stranded? CF: Being a stand up comic, I get stranded in hour-long conversations with […]

Interview w/ Brendon Small •Comedian, Writer/Co-Creator of “Home Movies”

SM: If we gave you a sackful of money and a pointy hat made of newspaper, how would you spend the rest of the day? BS: Oh that’s easy. First […]

Interview w/ Todd Barry • Comedian

SM: What sort of pirate would you be? TB: Hmmm. I’ve never given this any thought. I don’t really know much about pirates, or pirate culture. Pirates…hmmm. They’re the people […]

Interview w/ Maria Bamford

SM: Please create a fantastical creature for you to ride around on, and give it a name befitting it. MB: A cloud of white Fur named Rajive. SM: When was […]

Interview w/Bob Odenkirk – Director, Melvin Goes to Dinner – Comedian, Mr.Show

SM: When was the last time you went on something you feel comfortable calling an adventure? BO: Last night when I went home tired as shit, and I knew I […]

Interview w/ David Cross, Comedian/Actor – Mr.Show, Arrested Development

SM: If you woke up one morning to find the citizens in the city where you live had vanished, what album would you like to hear that day? DC: The […]

Interview w/ Michael J. Nelson – Author, Comedian – Mystery Science Theater 3000

SM: If they had to play a song at your funeral, what would you like the bereaved to hear, and why? MN: Mahler’s 8th Symphony, the “Symphony of a Thousand.” […]

Interview w/Doug Benson – Comedian,The Marijuana-logues

SM: When was the last time you had to wear a suit? DB: I put a suit on for this interview. And now that you’ve mentioned it, I feel a […]

Interview w/David Wain – 1/3 of three man comedy group STELLA, co-writer & director WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER

SM: What’s in your pockets right now? DW: cell phone chapstick keychain w/flashdrive change pizza SM: When was the last time you had to wear a suit? DW: Shooting our […]

Interview w/ Louis C.K. – Comedian

SM: When was the last time something left you with a profound sense of mystery? LCK: A couple of years ago I was living in Venice CA. Every morning I […]