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12/06 In Review: Paper Wasps, Daniel Radcliffe, The Cabin In The Woods, And A Gadget Orchestra

12/06 In Review: Paper Wasps, Daniel Radcliffe, The Cabin In The Woods, And A Gadget Orchestra

New research has revealed that paper wasps can recognize each other’s faces. Researchers found that paper wasps have uniquely evolved to identify each other based on facial recognition. Thanks to this new evolution, paper wasps are looking forward to correctly identifying former high school classmates in amateur paper wasp pornography they find online.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in The Woman in Black, a film about a young lawyer who discovers a woman’s ghost is terrorizing the locals of a remote village by tearing the eyes out of old-timey photographs and moving a rocking chair back and forth. Teenagers who use the same techniques to terrorize their local Cracker Barrel have yet to be confronted by Radcliffe.

Long delayed Joss Whedon-produced The Cabin In The Woods, a film about a group of college kids who spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods that is not what it seems, will finally arrive in theaters next April. The trailer for The Cabin In The Woods includes imagery of a group of white men in a control room, a girl dancing in denim shorts in front of a fireplace and a hawk flying into a force field, which also describes the historic scene at Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin birth.

PICTURED: Abraham Lincoln and Joss Whedon share a knowing look in front of a log cabin.

Japanese company Denso has created a device for your car that monitors your facial muscles to determine if you’re about to fall asleep at the wheel. The device scans seventeen points on the driver’s face to assess drowsiness. Advanced models also scan for pajamas, puffy night caps, and cartoon thought balloons containing logs of wood being sawed.

Finally, tinkerer James Cochrane has programmed an orchestra of gadgets to play House of the Rising Sun.

After performing the popular 1964 hit about a New Orleans brothel, the gadgets were reassembled into a robot sex doll, and made love to.