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Easy A

Easy A

In the movie Easy A, Emma Stone’s character lies about having sex with high school boys in exchange for gift cards. Phonetically, I sometimes confuse Emma Stone with Joss Stone. I like that Joss Stone song “Girl They Won’t Believe It”. Makes me think of a chubby British girl who lands an awesome boyfriend.

This is a movie for teenage girls, so naturally, I thought it was great. Except for the part where Emma Stone sings for no reason. Is she lip-syncing? There was no indication in this movie she could sing. Now she’s tarting around in lingerie singing it up like a songbird in front of her whole high school. This movie was so clever and funny, then they switch it up and she started Christina Aguilera-ing a dance routine for her classmates.  Also, the sound quality was amazing in her high school gym. They must have sprung for a top-of-the-line microphone. Usually people sound tinny and scratchy on high school sound equipment.

Plus, the final scene was just crazy. You can’t undo your reputation with just one live-stream webcam video! And her love interest was just thrown in there. We don’t even know this guy, what’s so great about him? Oh, he likes the 80’s? He’s holding up speakers like John Cusack? I would have been more impressed if he dressed like ALF. I had a sweater as a kid that had ALF on it that said, “It’s not easy raising parents, but somebody has to do it!” When was ALF raising parents? What does ALF know about parent-child dynamics? Did he get a degree in Family Psychotherapy on Melmac?

I liked everything about this movie except the last part. I don’t think The Scarlet Letter, which this movie is loosely based on, ended like that. But it’s been a while since I read it. I know Hester Prynne has an out of wedlock baby so she had to wear a scarlet “A”. What’s everybody getting so worked up about an illegitimate baby for, anyway? If someone was bringing out of wedlock wolves and wild dogs into the town, I could see the townspeople getting upset, but a baby? They should be happy a baby was born at all, what with the state of medicine back then. If I was living in that town, I’d throw my corncob pipe and pilgrim hat in the air every time I saw an infant that survived childbirth. I’d make her sew “GJ” into her dress for “GREAT JOB!”

Anyway, I rented Easy A on my Apple TV and was satisfied with my purchase. And the opening credits were neat with nice fonts and the words looked like people were walking around them. I bet all kinds of reviewers worked the title into their reviews, like “A+ FOR EASY A” or “EASY A EASILY THE BEST MOVIE” or “THESE OUT OF WEDLOCK WOLVES ARE BITING ME!” Not me, though, because this review has come to its inevitable conclusion. Good night!