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Gremlins 2

In Gremlins 2 a careless janitor sprays water all over Gizmo in an office building. Next thing you know, gremlins.

You got gremlins buying and selling stocks, gremlins flashing their nonexistent genitals, gremlins choking Leonard Maltin with a belt. There’s a lady gremlin who has sex with an executive. I don’t think I could make it work with that lady gremlin, though. Even if she was in a wedding dress. Especially if she was in a wedding dress, come to think of it. How did she even find a gremlin sized wedding dress? It would have to be specially tailored to fit her body.

I’m not saying anyone should throw Gizmo in a fire— but I do know that if evil versions of me came out of my skin whenever I got wet, people would think about not having me on this planet anymore, considering it’s 70% water.

One of the gremlins wears a sports coat, smokes a cigar and talks like a well-to-do yacht captain. He drank out of a lab beaker with a brain icon on it. Try again, scientists. That gremlin’s not smart- he’s rich. Now there’s a hit country song.

“You may think he’s clever/ with an IQ that’s healthy/ that Gremlin ain’t smart- he’s just wealthy”

Time to dust off that Grammy for “Best Gremlins 2 themed three lyric having country music song”. What?! Somebody else won?

Damn you Lady Gaga!