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Big Fan

Robert D. Siegel, the man who wrote ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘Big Fan’, sure does like athletics and having his main characters suffer from serious health problems. The wrestler with his heart condition, Patton Oswalt’s character in ‘Big Fan’ with his brain damage- the next movie Siegel writes is going to be about diabetes and star Wilford Brimley as a major league baseball player.

This movie could have been called ‘The King Of The Sports Weirdos’, because that’s kind of what Patton Oswalt’s character is.

Writing his sports notes, calling into sports talk shows, masturbating under a sports themed blanket- SPORTS! Well, just NY Giants football, actually.

He ends up stalking his favorite quarterback all the way to a fancy strip club, and then gets mercilessly beaten for his trouble.

One quick aside about the stripper who tries to solicit a dance from him as he sits enraptured by his hero, pre-pummeling: I would have gotten a dance from you, beautiful stripper, no matter how much I wanted to hassle my favorite football player.

I wonder if this is how a Star Wars nerd would feel if he followed George Lucas into a strip club and Lucas stabbed him with a lightsaber. I bet all the ladies in the club would be blue and the Cantina Theme would be playing.

Anyhow everybody is like hey sue that guy send him to JAIL but Oswalt’s character doesn’t want to ruin the one aspect of his life that brings him happiness even though the personification of that happiness kicked his ass so hard his head swelled with blood.

My only issue with this film is I waited in vain for Oswalt’s character to encounter the giant propellered air blower alluded to by the title, the climate controlled massive bladed ‘Big Fan’ I’d been anticipating the entire movie.

One thing about the end of the movie aka a spoiler: Yeahhh Michael Rapaport! As soon as he turned out to be playing Philadelphia Phil I nodded to myself on the couch. Yes, I said to myself, who else could it have been?

Also I have to admit, if I was chief of the pun police, and I heard someone else make that ‘Big Fan’ pun, I would have to stab them with a lightsaber.