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Games Left in The Rain, Sick Of Food

Explaining a technical issue to someone in an office environment who is wearing a giant billowy shirt of leopard print cloth and an oversized medallion: Am I hallucinating?

Leaving your copy of The Legend Of Zelda Nintendo cartridge on your next door neighbor’s horse cart all day in the blazing summer sun and a brief but torrential afternoon thunderstorm when you were twelve: That shit still worked.

The song “Sick of Food” by American Music Club:
American Music Club - Everclear - Sick of Food

Another Georgia Summer: Like I’m floating backwards, sometimes.

My smartphone’s camera: Not so bad, sometimes, when it’s all you’ve got at the bar.
IMAGE_010 copy

Donkeys Hate Blood

Did you know that donkeys hate the sight of blood? They really don’t like it. Have you ever seen a vampire riding around on a donkey? No, you haven’t.
Seriously, though, don’t come around a donkey with blood on you. They will try to murder you with their hooves, which is strange, because that will only result in more blood.
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