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Mad Men | Season 4

This review contains spoilers.

I hated the first few episodes of this season. I was even thinking of giving up on it. But then they showed a really good episode followed by even better episodes until it turned out to be the best of all the Mad Men seasons. It was like they were trying to weed out the real Mad Men fans to see who’d stick with it, like hiding a gingerbread house inside of a boring old regular house.

I guess that only works if you’re a witch and you’re trying to lure children into your sugar house. You know what was crazy in the story of Hansel and Gretel? The whole house is made of candy, but the witch’s stove is regular cast iron. If you already have the ability to make a candy house why not accent your candy home with candy furnishings? You have to keep your style consistent or your house will seem Nouveau-candy-riche.

Mad Men’s turn from boring to awesome was like if you went to see a lecture on maintaining strict tomato farming guidelines (Stay True… to Tomatoes!) and then when people got bored and started to leave William Shatner came out and said, guess what- this is actually a cosplay burlesque show, I’m going to sing cover songs and the whiskey is free all night long! Isn’t that right Lionel Richie? Cue Dancing on the Ceiling.

I loved so many things about this season. Don wrote in his precious diary so much you’d think he just got into the Baby-Sitters Club. Yeah, self-reflective Don Draper! I can barely swim across this pool, should I quit drinking? Probably, Don Draper. Looked like a nice pool, though. Sir, you can’t float there motionless at the bottom of this pool, we have a strict no-visual-metaphor policy.

And then Lane Pryce gets punched in the face because of interracial dating a Playboy bunny. By his old British father, no less. Hope the old man doesn’t live long enough to see Save the Last Dance. Then Lane makes Joan a sea captain or head of operations or something. Then the internet makes a GIF of Joan’s bottom. They should add two more frames to that GIF of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s head exploding.  And then a few frames of Bell Biv Devoe not trusting her. I guess she’s about to have Roger Sterling’s baby and act like it’s her husband’s. Does everyone on this show have a secret baby or a secret about a baby?

Oh, and Peggy gets licked on the face by her lesbian arty friend. Tastes like determination to succeed in advertising, I bet. Or not telling anyone in the office about her secret baby. I like that her and Don are best of friends now, enough to throw up in the bathroom together and fall asleep drunkenly on the couch together and oops wait a minute Don just married his secretary Megan never mind friendship DOWNGRADED.

Megan is so cute, speaking French and going on vacation with Don and stuff, going to be a shame when she gets Don Draper-ed next season, you can already see him planning it in the final shot of the last episode. Don looking out the window thinking, man I can’t wait to do some 1960’s style philandering on my French speaking secretary wife in the next season of Mad Men. Maybe I’ll get her pregnant with a secret baby.

Also, I like how Don’s daughter Sally got all this extra story and attention this year but Don’s son Bobby is still doing the acting equivalent of putting a pot on your head and banging it with a spoon. They had whole episodes about Sally going to therapy and making friends with a weird neighborhood kid and then they give Bobby five seconds of screen time so he can say, “I like spaghetti!” You sure do, kid. You sure, do.