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You Didn’t Know If You Were Going To Jupiter: A Review Of “Another Earth”

You Didn’t Know If You Were Going To Jupiter: A Review Of “Another Earth”

On the same night a duplicate Earth is discovered in our solar system, a beautiful young woman is accepted into MIT’s astrophysics program, so she gets drunk to celebrate and smashes her car into a family of three. Damn, wonder what would have happened if she’d only gotten into beauty school.

The woman goes to jail and gets out four years later. She becomes a janitor at a high school. For a sci-fi movie, there are a lot of scenes of her cleaning up bathrooms and hallways. I don’t even think the movie The Help had this many shots of sweeping and mopping.

She finds out that the father survived the car crash, and he’s a composer. Also, he’s not just any old composer from your community college for dummies, he’s from Yale. So you can put away your sheet music for Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” he’s not interested.

She drives out to his farmhouse and pretends to be a maid offering cleaning services. He hires her to pick up all his empty booze bottles and wash his filthy dishes. He also wears more knit hats than Evan Dando at a Matthew Sweet convention.

Then they become friends! Meanwhile, a woman named Dr. Joyce makes first radio contact with the other Earth. And there’s another Dr. Joyce on Earth-Two that sounds exactly like her. The Earth-One Dr. Joyce decides to quiz the Earth-Two Dr. Joyce in case she’s a filthy liar or a Mynah Bird with an intergalactic communications device.

She’s like, “What souvenir did you get from Cape Canaveral as a kid?” The Earth-Two Dr. Joyce says, “Space strawberries.” And then Earth-One Dr. Joyce holds up a piece of paper that says SPACE STRAWBERRIES, which is also the safe word for Jane and George Jetson’s BDSM play.

The composer and the woman fall in love, so he takes her to an auditorium and plays a wood saw with a violin bow. She is really turned on by this so they have sex. To be fair, if he’d played a cigar box banjo, she only would have given him a blow job.

She wins an essay contest and the prize is a seat on the space shuttle going to Earth-Two. The name of the company that is launching the shuttle is United Space Ventures. Before United Space Ventures, space ventures were really disorganized. You didn’t know if you were going to Jupiter or the Avatar planet or the Wookiee Planet Kashyyyk. And then a billionaire was like, these space ventures are all over the place, let’s roll up our shirtsleeves and get these goddam space ventures united. The composer freaks out and says, “PLEASE DON’T GO TO SPACE!” and the girl is all, “Uh…I killed your whole family.”

Anyway, the girl gives her ticket to the composer so he can go to the other Earth and see if his family is still alive, and if so, play his weird wood saw song for them. The girl meets her doppelgänger from Earth-Two, and the doppelgänger is wearing a stylish pea coat, so you just know she hasn’t been vehicular manslaughtering any families.  Credits!