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11/29 in Review: Star Wars Pin-Ups, Little Printer, Unusual Cupcakes, Ender’s Game and the Kindle Fire

11/29 in Review: Star Wars Pin-Ups, Little Printer, Unusual Cupcakes, Ender’s Game and the Kindle Fire

Photographer Joey DeMarco has released a pin-up calendar featuring models dressed as characters from the Star Wars universe. Consumers who purchased the calendar were expected to pencil in “Masturbate to Star Wars calendar” for the remaining dates in the year.

A pub in Balham, South London has installed the first urine-controlled video game. Bar patrons can steer themselves down a ski slope, knock down penguins or even answer quiz questions by urinating on three infrared sensors, or for an additional $40, Sonic the Hedgehog’s face.

14-year-old actor Asa Butterfield has been selected as the lead in a movie adaptation of Ender’s Game, a science fiction novel about a child genius trained as a soldier in a futuristic war against an alien species. Mike Myers is also reported to be adapting his own science fiction novel, in which a child idiot is trained to enjoy the Shrek franchise.

An ad for the Kindle Fire was released, featuring an attractive young woman who is so excited to find a Kindle Fire tablet delivered to her doorstep, she immediately opens it and begins using it while sitting on her front stoop. A similar ad was released for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, in which a homely young woman is so excited to find the device delivered to her doorstep, she immediately places it in her mouth and begins gnawing it while sitting on a tree stump.

PICTURED: Shrek. Or the new face of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

A chef at 4Rivers Smokehouse in Orlando, Florida has created Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcakes. He’s already announced a culinary follow-up: a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and hardcore pornography baked into a pie.

Finally, an ad for Little Printer, a miniature printer for your smartphone, was released:

The ad features a person printing out pictures of butterfly species, his foursquare friends’ locations, and a cartoon of a smiling man. Non-serial killers are also expected to find the printer useful.